we are so pleased that you are starting your journey with JTWdesign. as a full service design firm, we know that we provide the most tailored service when we know how your spaces are used and a little bit more about the people that use them. 

please note the project address below. if a different address should be used for billing and/or deliveries, please provide.
usually the current residence if you are building or moving.
please include everyone who should be included in correspondence
please provide a list of family members (and children's ages, if applicable)
tell us a little about the spaces you would like to include in your design package
we want to ensure that any design we specify works for your whole family - pets included! please tell us a little about them and how they use the house! we will do our best to make sure the design selections - particularly in spaces that they love too - are done with them in mind!
please list any product allergies or aversions
do you entertain often? if you do, by answering a few questions we will be better able to provide a great backdrop to your future gatherings.
can you tell us a little about how many people you entertain and the spaces you use?
how long do you plan on living in your house?
are there specific pieces you would like to invest in?
are there any colors you would not prefer in your home?
if you have any Pinterest or Houzz boards relating to your general style or specific areas we will be helping you with, please provide links below.
are there existing pieces that you want us to be aware of and include in our design process? please note that we will need to do a walk through with you to capture sizing and images of all the pieces.
do you have window coverings that you would like to keep, remove, replace or add in the spaces we will be designing? please note below
are you ok with using exposed bulb fixtures?
generally, when we provide lighting of any kind we do our best to have them installed with LED bulbs (2700 - 3000k, which is a more warm light) by keeping the temperature of the lighting similar throughout the house it provides continuity between spaces.
we love to celebrate good design & would love the opportunity to use images from your project on instagram and in publications. we know that your home is a safe, private haven for your family and we never use geolocation or specific information that would give away that privacy. do we have your permission to celebrate the magic we will create together?
is there anything you didn't get to include in the spaces above that will really help us understand your project, family or requirements?